Better for you, better for your customers.

Give your technologies a home

Transact anything you want. Our customers currently use e-lucid to conduct MTAs, sell multi-thousand dollar hardware, offer a variety of media under editorial or academic licenses, allow software downloads, and even to sign confidentiality agreements.

  • Make your store your own

Our service is hosted in the cloud, it is easily expandable, super secure and accessible anywhere in the world, but you can make it yours using your own domain and brand colors. Your store will look and feel like any other page on your main site to assure your users that they are dealing with you.

  • Promote your products

Add images, text, video, supporting files, academic references, customized support and more to each product. It is your window to the world, you decide how you dress it.

Digital products

Upload software, media and digital publications.

Physical products

Biological materials, reagents or hardware.
e-lucid does the heavy lifting for you.


Promote consulting, testing, analysis or expert witness services.

Optimize your process

Automate your processes end-to-end; from license requests, through to custom approvals, payments, shipping, digital downloads and even renewals. E-lucid can manage all agreement types; from simple end-user agreements and NDAs through to MTAs or commercial licenses that require multiple approvals

Clone and customize
Don’t start from scratch. Clone and customize existing licenses and templates to save time.
Display your licensing options
For each product you can offer a range of license types (evaluation, annual, perpetual, free of charge, price on application, etc) so that customers can select the right one for their needs.
Automate license execution

Create an automated approvals process so that stakeholders can determine who they license to.

Keep academics informed and engaged

Let academics know who has licensed their technology so they can track impact and identify potential collaboration opportunities.

Automate negotiation

Be flexible on your terms. Now you can allow your customers to choose from predefined clauses when applying for a license.

Renew or expire licenses

Send your customers automated reminders to let them know their license is soon to expire. If applicable, automatically give them the option to renew.

Manage and automate multiple agreement types including:

  • Commercial licenses


  • Research and Evaluation licenses


  • MTAs
  • NDAs / CDAs


  • Consultancy agreements
  • End-user agreements


  • Research collaboration agreements

Monetize your technologies

Built with security in mind, we support the most popular payment gateways and manage the integration for you.

  • Flexible pricing options

e-lucid has a flexible array of pricing options to choose from, such as volume discounts or price tiers, so your customers choose the right option without your help.

  • Configure your payment options

Select whether you want to receive payments online and / or offline.



E-lucid is both GDPR and PCI DSS compliant.

Our supported payment gateways


Track impact

Sales reports can be run whenever you wish, allowing you to quickly provide quantitative data for your organization’s metric tracking. Where additional, qualitative data is required, licensee information can be held on the platform complying with GDPR regulations.

Know your customers
Know your customers

Ask as much detail as you need during checkout so you always know who is buying and what their intentions are.

Export reports

Segment your data and export robust .csv files to analyze trends and find patterns in purchase.

Join the future of tech transfer today!

Learn how e-lucid can help you scale your licensing operation, monetize your technologies and reduce the burden of licensing non-exclusive IP.